Bharti Airtel Makes its Buildings Sustainable

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As a part of its sustainability initiatives, Bharti Airtel has used innovative ideas to make its buildings more energy efficient and eco friendly.

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Company Profile:  Bharti Enterprises is one of India's leading business groups with interests in telecom, agri business, insurance and retail. Bharti's flagship, Bharti Airtel Limited is a leading provider of telecommunications services spanning mobile, fixed line, broadband and enterprise services. It has emerged as the ‘Second most trusted Brand in the most trusted Brand 2007 survey conducted by the Economic Times Brand Equity.

Sustainability Initiative Focus: Energy Efficiency/Sustainable Habitat

Case Study- Bharti Airtel Makes its Buildings Sustainable

Waste water TreatmentBharti has come up with new and innovative ideas for making its buildings sustainable and eco friendly-

  • Waste water recycling- Most of the new Airtel buildings recycle waste water for sanitary and cooling of equipment purposes e.g. DG sets and AC systems. These buildings also have rain water harvesting systems for ground water replenishment where appropriate.
  • Energy Efficient Lighting- All Airtel offices have energy efficient light fittings and automation to enable energy savings in the buildings. Use of air curtains on major office exits and double glazing also results in significant energy saving.
  • Building Management System – Intelligent Building concept is being followed in all the new Airtel building and campuses that are coming up. The  BMS controls the Heating, Ventilation and Airconditioning (HVAC) system,, electricity load management, water management, parking management, security and safety systems to ensure an efficiently run building on optimal resources.
  • Energy Efficient Cooling- New buildings also incorporate the concept of an Energy Wheel to optimise energy efficiency in buildings. Typically the AC systems in buildings add a certain amount of fresh air periodically. In the process of adding this fresh air, the cool air within the building vents out resulting in higher usage of energy to bring the cooling/ temperature back. The Energy Wheel concept ensures that as we bring the fresh air in, it is pre-cooled thereby optimizing energy efficiency.


Waste RecyclingFree-Cooling is another technique that Bharti uses to maintain temperature level during night hours by circulating cooler natural air from outside to inside the shelter by reworking air conditioner flows. This has reduced air conditioner energy consumption by almost 30%.

  • Efficient Waste Disposal- At the time of oil change in DG sets etc. the discarded oil for disposal is only sent to companies/ vendors approved by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) for proper disposal as per CPCB approved processes. All Bharti Airtel offices follow the basic requirements specified by the Pollution Control Board and ensure statutory compliance.
  • Improved Videoconferencing Facilities: Bharti offices have facilities like videoconferencing and intranet facilities to interact. This significantly reduces the need for transportation thereby lowering fuel consumption. In addition, it saves on time and generally creates a much more efficient working atmosphere. Bharti’s earnings calls, i.e. sharing the results with the stakeholders, also happen via audio-bridge. This enables investors and analysts world-wide to link in to the call and raise queries. Bharti does not stop at providing these facilities for internal use though. By offering these services, they enable people across the country to follow the same path and cut down on transportation thus generating tremendous fossil fuel consumption.


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