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GENERAL INFORMATIONDA is a not-for-profit action research organisation that has pioneered sustainable development in India since 1982. The organisation works towards creating sustainable livelihoods for the poor, fulfilling basic needs and delivering eco-solutions. This is achieved by empowering rural communities by developing their capacities and skills, enabling them to create small, local enterprises. Built on DA’s innovative low carbon technologies and market principles, these enterprises help build local economies and communities, while maintaining a minimum ecological footprint. 1. EMPOWERING COMMUNITIES It is DA’s ambition and determination to eradicate poverty by developing an informed and empowered community, capable of making right choices in life. DA promotes social and institutional processes for community groups, local agencies and state governments to plan, access, manage and monitor delivery of services for basic needs fulfilment and income generation. It enables communities to access a range of government schemes and claim their entitlements – this through: * Formation and strengthening of community institutions * Creation of an enabling environment for convergent action to empower communities 2. CREATING GREEN JOBS It is DA’s mission to create sustainable jobs for the underprivileged, primarily women, unemployed youth and farmers, through skill development and enterprise support services. It provides basic skills necessary for obtaining, sustaining and excelling in a job. Within this area, DA focuses on: * Vocational skills training * Climate-resilient agri-practices * Building competencies of women * Knowledge building * Technology-based enterprise development training programmes DA works with the community business enterprises and self-help groups (SHGs) on green businesses and promoting income-generating activities at the village level through demonstration and training support. 3. LOWERING CARBON FOOTPRINT DA envisions a world where every citizen can live a secure, healthy and fulfilling life in harmony with nature, made possible through natural resource management and adoption of clean technologies. DA offers innovative management systems for efficient utilisation and conservation of natural resources to strengthen livelihoods and to enhance resource efficiency. Its Clean Technology Programme offers technology-based, profitable business solutions for climate change mitigation - this through: * Carbon footprint reduction, by eliminating hazardous waste and without causing further pollution and * Waste to wealth management by utilising waste and recycling, creating cleaner enterprises and providing greener livelihood opportunities.
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Development Alternatives is a not-for-profit corporation involved in creating sustainable livelihoods on a large scale. As part of our carbon management portfolio, we design, develop and implement aggregated small scale projects with significant social benefits. Carbon credits arising from these projects are utilised to structure financial deals that catalyse the implementation of such projects. Besides this, we provide carbon advisory and documentation services for both Kyoto and VER markets.
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Development Alternatives
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