Maruti Suzuki Develops Fuel Efficient Car 'A-Star'

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Using K Series technology, Maruti Suzuki has developed engines which have lower CO2 emissions than average European car emissions. 'A – star’, fitted with the K series engine is positioned as an environment friendly, fule efficient car.

Company Profile: Maruti Suzuki India Limited (MSIL, formerly Maruti Udyog Limited), a subsidiary of Suzuki Motor Corporation of Japan, is India's largest public listed passenger car company, accounting for over 50 per cent of the domestic car market, with a workforce of about 7000 employees.

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Case study: Maruti's Develops Fuel Efficient Car 'A-Star'

A-StarMaruti Suzuki is concerned about the environment and is keenly working towards enhancing the fuel efficiency and minimizing the CO2 emission of its products. The efforts to improve fuel efficiency lead to reduction in usage of raw material, consumables etc. The engineers also work on engine modifications and body weight reductions with a view to increase efficiency. New technologies in the brake system have been evolved to make Maruti Suzuki cars more fuel efficient.

The global compact car from India, 'A - star' is positioned as an environment friendly car in Europe. This is a global strategic model and the most fuel efficient car of Maruti Suzuki. The 'A - Star' has been conceived and designed keeping in mind aspirations of the urban economy conscious customers, who seek fuel efficient, high quality vehicles. It meets the European ELV norms, which implies that 85% of the car is recyclable. The vehicle is produced in over 100 variants and sold in over 50 countries.

K-series Engine Technology

The K-series engine introduced in the A - star is a significant initiative towards offering the latest technology to our customers. The K108 engine, mounted on 'A- star', brings environment friendly technologies of the future to the Indian automobile market. The K-series engine is progressively being introduced in other Maruti Suzuki models.

The new-generation three-cylinder, light-weight aluminium K10B engine is a major initiative undertaken by the company towards offering latest technology to its customers. Maruti Suzuki engineers have put together a host of innovative technologies to enhance performance, minimise friction and provide high acceleration. The state-of-the-art, light weight, 998cc K10B petrol engine offers power of 67ps @ 6200 rpm and torque of 90nm @ 3500 rpm. The flat torque curve comes in handy while negotiating the stop-go city traffic conditions with ease. The A-star is the first car from Maruti Suzuki to be fitted with the new KB Series engine. The K10B engine on the A-star is carefully designed to meet the current and forthcoming environment norms in India as well as in the advanced markets of the Western world. In India, the engine conforms to the present BS-III emission norms.

The K10B engine is an outcome of over three years of design and development in collaboration with Suzuki Motor Corporation. The new light weight aluminum engine, has been designed to be an environment friendly and a fuel efficient engine. The K-series engine plant uses state of the art technology and energy efficient equipments to manufacture engines that save fuel, thereby protecting the environment.

Advantages of Maruti's K Series Engine

The K-series engines are the most advanced in the car manufacturer's stable of engines. Lighter engine, better heat deception, use of composite material, low internal friction, higher fuel injection pressure, more compact.They will be fitted in all existing models of cars over the next 3- 5 years. The engine will have a CO2 emission of 109 gm/km which is even much lesser than the current European new car average CO2 emissions of 145.9 g/km. Apart from being the most advanced green car engines in their class, the K-series engines deliver greater fuel-efficiency. One major catch, however, is that full benefits of this next-generation engine would be realized only when the quality of fuel available in the country is also scaled up and brought to global standards.

During a fuel efficiency rally organized in Mumbai,the Maruti Suzuki A-Star proved its supremacy by achieving a spectacular top mileage of 39.48 kilometres per litre(kmpl).In a similar mileage rally at Chennai, the winning contestant achieved 37.6 kmpl in his A-Star. In both these cities, the average mileage achieved by all participants was over 29 kmpl. Most participants felt that their A-star cars give excellent mileage and drivability and attributed the same to its lightweight power plant and excellent design. Earlier in a fuel efficieny test conducted by ARAI, the country's premier automotive research agency, A-Star delivered a record mileage of 19.6 kmpl of petrol.

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